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12/04/2017 -
Easter Egg Lottery !For 24 hours from server start, every...
Easter Egg Lottery !For 24 hours from server start, every 20 minutes random player will receive Easter Gift !
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21 kills

Daylight Squad

14 kills


14 kills


9 kills
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Last joined us: Afronator. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Server info:
Accounts: 724
Players: 1001
Banned accounts: 51
Guilds: 8
17 Apr 2017 -
Server Update

Main changes : 

-Conjuring power bolts creates 10 power bolts

-Poison storm deals now damage instead of only poisoning

-Nerfed Serpent Spawns

Map Changes

-Warlocks shortcut  

-Djins in thais are located behind the counter

-Vamp hell is bigger

-Big spawn of Undead Dragons and Ghastly Dragons near Vamp Hell

-Many small fixes on map


Comming soon :

-High level quest with valuable rewards (150 lvl + )

-New payment methods ( SMS , Dotpay ) 

-Automatic reward system on advancing level


Kind Regards Administrator

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14 Apr 2017 -
Map Update

We have added custom spawns :

1. Darashia dragons / dragon lords located west from minotaur tower

2. Necromancers spawn in drefia enalrged

3. Big custom spawn of Frost Dragons near Folda ( one of ice islands ) 


Kind Regards Team 

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08 Apr 2017 -
Welcome to RealTibia

Server informations:
Client: Custom AntiBot Client 7.4 (Client will be available to download on thursday!) Advertisement:ALREADY STARTED

Lottery system every 1 hour
Balanced Vocations
Always listen to our community
Loot message (!loot enable)
Task System enabled
Amulet of loss cost 50k and can be bought by Eremo
10k Promotion
Guild Wars
Party Share Experience (15% bonus experience)
No Protection Zones on Boats, No Runes from NPC
All 7.4 features!
Blessing System
PoI Dragon Lords and Quest are added to the game (Soft boots can be obtained there)
Runes are double charged. You can leave your blank runes in your backpack while conjuring.
Automatical deletion for botters

Server Rates:
From Level 8 to Level 30 - x70
From Level 31 to Level 50 - x50
From Level 51 to Level 70 - x30
From Level 71 to Level 80 - x15
From Level 81 to Level 90 - x12
From Level 91 to Level 100 - x10
From Level 101 to Level 110 - x7
After Level 110 - x5
Loot Rate: 3x
Skill Rate: 30x
Magic Rate: 15x

Frag System:
4 frags for Red Skull
8 frags for a Banishment of 24 hours
6 hours to lose 1 frag - Your redskull will be gone when you have 0 frags again.

Task System:
The earning experience and money for each task may seem to be low, but keep in mind that tasks are only a incidental thing.
Almost every tasks has a low amount of creatures to kill which should help finishing every task befor canceling them instead and prevent time loses.

Dedicated Server:
- 1gb up/download
- DDoS Protection

Map Informations:
Full Real Tibia Map 7.4 + Port Hope + Iceona huge Ice Island

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